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The Neighborhood Plan

Throughout the years, Hawthorn Hills subdivision has undergone various improvements from updated entrance signs, establishment of an official website, and the hosting of different neighborhood events. 
In recent years, more and more ideas have come up to improve the neighborhood, therefore an over-arching plan is needed to make certain we efficiently manage our money and protect the investments we’ve made in our homes.

My name is Shibu Samuel and my family moved to this wonderful neighborhood in 2016. After listening to many of you about different ideas for our neighborhood, I began to volunteer my time and talents to help our HOA come up with an overall Neighborhood Plan.

What’s a Neighborhood Plan?
It is just a thoughtful approach on how we plan and execute ideas to maintain and improve our neighborhood.
What’s the Objective?
It’s simple, the main objective is to renovate the Hawthorn Hills subdivision to maintain and increase the value of our homes.
We renovate our homes for enjoyment and to increase the value of our property, so why not renovate our neighborhood? Especially when the #1 factor impacting your home’s value is the location.

Who would this appeal to?
  • Longtime Home Owners: When they sell in the coming years, they will want to get the highest price for their homes 
  • Recent Home Owners: This plan will help protect and increase the value of their homes 
  • Prospective Buyers: This plan will help them feel confident to buy a home in our neighborhood
What are the next steps?
The feedback so far has been amazing; but we would like to hear from more of you!
Please reach out to me at shibusamuel@gmail.com if you would like to:
  • Learn more about our Neighborhood Plan
  • Provide your ideas and suggestions
Volunteer your talents to help plan (Trust me any help is greatly appreciated and will help move thing faster along)