Hawthorn Hills HOA
The Hawthorn Hills Home Owners Association (HOA) is made up of the 356 home owners governed by the Hawthorn Hills Owners ByLaws and Declaration of Restrictions. 
HOA Commons Land Survey Maps 
Wyandotte Commons Glengarry Commons (West)
Sudbury Commons Glengarry Commons (East)
Foxgrove Commons Rutledge Commons
Bedford Commons Wolverine Commons

Managing the HOA activities are elected Officers, moms and dads who volunteer their time between working and raising their families, to help maintain and improve our neighborhood.

If you have a little bit of free time and would like to volunteer your ideas and talents, please reach out to us at the hhboard@hawthornhills.com. See below for additional ways to stay in touch.

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HOA & Neighborhood Communications
We have developed a digital strategy to efficiently and securely keep you up-to-date on our neighborhood. Leveraging the following websites/apps you have access to the following:
hawthornhills.com (Official Website)
  • Markets the neighborhood to prospective buyers
  • Securely pay dues online
  • Securely access HOA documentation (ByLaws, Meeting Minutes, Vendor Contracts, Invoices…etc.)

Hawthorn Hills Subdivision Homeowners FaceBook (Website/App)
  • Private FaceBook Group
  • Neighborhood Event Planning
  • Post & View Neighborhood Event Photos

Hawthorn Hills NextDoor (Website/App)
  • Community Board
  • Interactive Neighborhood Map
  • Information on nearby neighborhoods